Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Arrrrrr Matey!

A few days ago was Halloween.
Did you get lots of candy?
What were you for Halloween?
I was a pirate.
I got like, at least 5 lbs of candy.
How much did you guys get?
I donated half of my candy to the gingerbread house my mom and I are making soon. You'll have to come back and see what we're doing this year.
Christmas is my favorite holiday. What is yours?
I wanted a red-headed wig so badly. I couldn't stop thinking about it. My mom bought me a wig. And guess what?! It was itchy and hot! It was fun! My Auntie Tonja went Trick or Treating with me. So did my mom and dad and baby brother. He was a bear. We also went to a party down the street at my friend's house. They had spider webs on their house. I asked my mom and dad if we could have spider webs but they just like pumpkins for Halloween decorations. My mom hates spiders.
That's all.
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  1. Hi Emily!
    My kids were "Spatula Man" and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I liked your blog entry!!!

  2. I think your costume is splendid!

  3. Hi Em. I was a punk rocker on Friday night and then a cowgirl on Sunday. I didn't collect any candy but I've been sneaking pieces from Caleigh's batch. (She doesn't mind). Both my costumes were homemade. I was going to wear a wig, but my kids have gotten them all tangled up (they've been in the dress up box for a while). I liked your red wig.

  4. Love the hair! Glad you had fun. I hear that Noodles and Co are accepting candy on Sunday, November 7 in exchange for a small bowl of noodles. Not sure where they are sending the candy, but I bet it's for a good cause. You and your parents should check it out!